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This limited edition piece is one of our signature masterpieces.   It is a work of art which we can experience with all of our senses, see, touch, feel, and even smell.   The herbal raw colour finish gives the wood not only a beautiful natural raw colour, but also a fresh natural smell.

The chair consists of more than 1000 solid wood pieces laminated together and sculpted by hand with only a power sander.  The stability of the construction is the result of these laminations, providing strength in 3 axis.  

This chair is the basis and inspiration of our Herbal Colour research.  The only right colour for the chair is one which exposes the rawness of the wood.  We strived for the sanded look, but at the same time, provide the same stability and smoothness as a nitro-cellulose coated finish.  End grain colour should also be the same as lateral grain colours.  Because of the shape of the chair, there is hardly any longitudinal grain in the chair, making it almost impossible to colour evenly with ordinary chemical colouring technology.   This lounge chair is a special item in our collection,  and we hope it can be special in your home.

Material: Solid Mahogany.

Colour: Natural Herbal Raw Colour or Natural Beeswax and Vegetable oil.

Dimension: 870 mm diameter x 810 mm height

Sofa cushions:

  • A choice of plain polyurethane dacron or goose down feather.
  • Non sagging foam with optional pocket springs for added softness.

 Also available in solid teak, oak, or ash upon request.

Design: Erick Julian Hadinata


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